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  • A Day in a Life of a College Student
    WHAT: A Day in a Life of a College Student

    DATE:   Thursday January 9, 2020

    TIME:    8:30 AM - 11:30 AM

    LOCATION:  Lecture Hall

    WHO: DHS Seniors

  • Financial Aid Applications

    Deadline for Financial Aid Applications 

    January 15, 2020

    Please stop by the GO Center for any assistance on Financial Aid.

Senior Timeline

Senior Year Timeline/Checklist


¤Consider Independent Research – attend workshop in September

Register for the October 7 TSI

¤Register for the October 5 SAT.

¤Register for the October 26 ACT. Regular registration deadline is September 20. It is not too early to take the ACT; you can use your best score for college applications.

¤LISTEN TO Redskin Network for announcements for college representative visits.

¤Visit the Go Center often.

¤Selected courses are on target for college admissions

¤Check GPA

¤Check class rank

¤Begin to look for community service and volunteer hours. Keep a good record including dates / times and contact person.

¤Set a goal for grades and develop an action plan for junior year.

¤Use a daily planner to schedule study time and other events. Make this a habit.

¤Become involved or continue to be involved in clubs and organizations.

¤Develop leadership skills.

¤Begin talking about your college plans to family and friends and explore career options. You do not need to know what your college major will be, or what specific job you want; the important thing is to keep your options open.

¤Look into overnight & weekend college visitation programs – juniors can schedule  two college days to visit campuses.

¤Plan when you will use your college visitation days. Students receive two days during their junior year and two additional days during their senior year.

¤Explore the different sources of information on college and careers available to you. Start your research using the school library, visiting the Academic Center, or the College Resource Center. The web also provides unlimited information on colleges and universities. Start thinking about what is important to you in a college

o   is it small class size, location, diversity of the student body, quality of instruction, or all of these.

¤Continue to work on goals for grades and action plan for junior year. Use a daily planner to reassess your schedule.

¤Research colleges and universities weighing each college‘s pros and cons. College representatives will schedule visits in the fall. Find out what schools are visiting and plan to attend these information sessions; do not be afraid to check out schools you have never heard of.

¤Develop skills in writing essays. Students must sharpen their writing skills for  college testing and scholarship applications.


¤Register for the November 2 SAT test, Deadline October 3. and December 7 SAT test. Deadline November 8.


¤Register for the December 14 ACT test. Deadline November 8. 

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